Acolyte Jay

I am an Acolyte here at RAMA. Alongside that, I'm a professional diviner and astrologer. I'm a devotee of Hermes and work with deities from the Greek, Norse, Celtic, Eyptian, and Babylonian/Sumerian pantheons. I also work with my spirit family and angels, namely Gabriel and Metatron. I call myself a magical girl - someone who uses her abilities to the betterment of herself and others, protects people, and has a strong faith in goodness and love. I have been practicing for almost 3 years now. My craft centers around astrology, pop culture magic, deity work, divination, past life work, shadow work, and healing.
I have a B.S. in Psychology and am working towards becoming a certified evolutionary astrologist, so I do enjoy approaching my work from these point of views. In Pop Culture Magic and Witchcraft, Interdisciplinary Readings, and Applicable Magic, we'll not only consider the magic but also why we believe these things and what benefits and costs they might bring us. It's important to me that practicioners know exactly what they're getting into and how to approach it in an engaging and creative way. May you have a beautiful experience here at RAMA!