Priest Zosimos

Γεια σας! A devout Hellenic polytheist for almost a decade, I primarily am a devotee of Hera, Athene, and Hermes. On top of Hellenism, I am a practitioner of Hetanosutiwn and am very involved with Jewish life. My background as a Pontic Greek, Jewish, and indigenous West Asian (ask for specifics) person has greatly shaped my expression of my faith. My biggest goal is to share my culture with students in a way that promotes education, appreciation, and understanding, while combating appropriation, nationalism, and unnecessary gatekeeping. As an ethnic minority, and a trans and intersex person, promoting diversity and ethical practice is extremely important to me, Along with teaching at RAMA, I am a co-founder of the Council of Interfaith Pagan Practices, and I am the Moderator of an online religious temple that has been in operation for 1 year, and I use all three of these ventures to uphold those values. I am a language and religion enthusiast, working outside of RAMA to become a teacher. Greek is my native language, but I am proficient in several others. My gender is culture specific, but for simplicity, feel free to use he/him, and refer to me as a man. I hope to get to know you all this trimester and trimesters to come!