High Priest Ameyro

I am an ordained High Priest through Leanai Na Deithe Temple, the Dean of House Erudito, and a co-founder of the Council of Interfaith Pagan Practices. I follow the Aduno Path and I am dedicated to The Morrigan, goddess of sovereignty, war, and fate - among other things.

I am a certified demonologist, I specialize in dream work, general sorcery, and tarot. I have a degree in History and feel strongly about good history classes. I also have a great deal of understanding in biblical studies and can provide counseling to former Christians/Catholics.

Understanding one's craft is important to me, as the Dean of House Erudito. The classes I teach will always have a bit of history, no matter the topic. From Origins of the Christian God to The Morrigan: Poems and Prophecies, I aim to help students understand how to dig deeper and figure out why they believe what they believe.