High Priestess Ariel

I’m a Buddhist, Polytheist, and Animist, syncretising these beliefs into one universal, magical, divine package. I primarily venerate Buddhist, Greek, and Norse deities, like Hades, Greek God of the Dead, and Aegir, Norse Jotunn of the Ocean. My magical theory is rooted in divine theory and religious causality, such as Vajrayana magical ideas and Greek Polytheist approaches to the Gods. I’m self-employed as a spiritual practitioner where I create content across various platforms, offer readings via my etsy site, and use my platform to unite people in the world of spiritual growth. In my free time, when not teaching and guiding others, I enjoy investigating allegedly haunted sites, reading spiritual books, and hanging out with my cat.

I am an ordained priestess with Leanaí Na Déithe Temple and have obtained multiple certificates in my various practices, such as life coaching, demonology for paranormal investigators, and advanced scientific theory for paranormal investigators. Under my tutelage at the Raven Acadamy, you can take classes in entry level spirit work, Buddhist magic and divinity, and much more. I have a dedication to ethical practice and community empowerment, and this dedication inspired me to found the Council of Interfaith Pagan Practices alongside my two colleagues to further unite pagans and pagan spaces under the empowering forces of acceptance and education.